My name is Bruce Milton and I am Chief here at Dr. Byte. I have had a long and extensive career in the computer industry. This has allowed me to work with so many different technologies and colleagues over the years.

My specialty is System Design and Administration, which includes a deep understanding of networking, database and most importantly security.

Here is a summary of what I have worked on over the years.

Hardware Platforms

  • DEC Alpha & VAX, IBM Mainframe, AS/400, Intel, Sun, HP-UX, AIX, EMC SAN

Operating System

  • Windows 3.11/NT/95/98/ME/Vista/7/2000/2003/2008, Windows CE/PocketPC, Windows Mobile 5 & 6, PalmOS, EPOC, Symbian, IOS, OpenVMS, DEC UNIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, RedHat/SuSI/CentOS Linux, VM/ESA, VM/VSE, VM/CMS, OS/400, OS/2 LAN Server, OS/2, Netware, QNX, VMWare ESX, Citrix XenServer

Database Technologies

  • Sybase SQL Anywhere, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, DB2, DB2/2, Informix, MySQL

Development Environments/Tools

  • CodeWarrior, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual C++, Watcom C/C++, WindRiver Tornado II, Front Page, Paradigm Plus, MS Access, Flex Builder, Embarcadero RadPHP XE, Xcode

Development Languages

  • SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Java Script, Basic, VB, VB Script, C, C#, C++, ESQL, DCL, Rexx, ASP, JSP, HTML, COBOL, Assembler, Perl, Adobe Flex, PHP, Objective-C

SAP Environments

  • Solution Manager, ECC, CRM, NetWeaver Mobile, DOE, Mobile Gateway, SAP Router, SAP Service Portal

Application Server Environments

  • Sybase EA Server, WebSphere

Network Protocols

  • TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, DECnet, LAT, VTAM, Token Ring

OO Methodologies

  • Rumbaugh/OMT, Booch, Jacobson (Use Case)

Project Management Tools

  • Microsoft Project, Symantec TimeLine

Desktop Productivity Tools

  • Microsoft Office, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Freelance, WordPerfect